I believe art is a way to narrate time, discover myself, overcome myself and connect with the world through a universal language. Every work I do is an opportunity to interact with people and show how I am influenced by things that touch me visually or sensitively. I filter my experiences and influences, harmonizing with other elements of my imagination, and insert them into a composition that makes me feel good, whether in my murals, drawings, paintings on canvas, or other supports. I seek to create images conveying lightness and reflection, even when discussing heavy or delicate topics.


short bio

Working on street art since 2005, Dinho Bento has already had the opportunity to paint small to large murals in several countries on three continents. He has painted in large and small festivals and other related projects such as commissioned works and artist residencies.

In his process, he usually seeks inspiration in the local context where he will paint, usually studying plant and animal species from that region or motivated by the emotions that emerged from that place. Thus, Dinho mixes these inspirations with his style and elements of his culture or his history. He sees it as a way of crossing paths with other peoples, leaving behind an image caused by a miscegenated inspiration.

His paintings invite the viewer to observe the richness of the details and to relate in a light and reflexive way to the proposed theme.

academic curriculum

academic curriculum

2015 – Extension Course of Scientific and Naturalistic Illustration – UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais)

2014 – Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) Guignard UEMG School (Minas Gerais State University) – Belo Horizonte

2007 – Visual Communication Technician – INAP (Institute of Art and Design) – Belo Horizonte

2005 – Engraving and Drawing – FAOP (Ouro Preto Art Foundation) – 2005


festivals / exhibitions / other

BUMP Festival. Calgary, Canada.
House Of Paint Festival. Ottawa, Canada.
Disrupt Street Art Fest. Ottawa, Canada

Mural at the Municipal Secretariat of Culture of Gonçalves, Brazil.
Mural at VI Festival Ecologia dos Saberes do PARAÚNA. Capão Quilombola Community, in Paraúna-MG, Brazil

Solo exhibition at Alternatív Közösségek. Debrecen, Hungary
Decoration for “Jo and Joe” Hotel. Vienna, Austria.
Mural painting at Alternatív Közösségek. Debrecen, Hungary.
Mural painting at I Art Madonie Festival. Sicily, Italy.
Residency at Arte Pubblica. Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

Painting at Trogir Art Festival. Trogir, Croácia.
Mural painting at Mostar Streeet Art Festival. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Painting at Colors Talk Project. Bucareste, Romania.
Mural painting at Art Aero Rap. La Bañeza, Espanha.
Mural painting at Camprovinarte. Camprovin, Espanha.
Mural painting at BOON Street Art Festival. Hamilton, New Zealand
Mural painting at Érd Live Street Art. Budapeste, Hugary.

Mural painting at Street Art for Human Rights Project. Tbilisi, Georgia.
Mural painting at Sibiu International Street ART Festival. Sibiu, Romania.
Mural painting at Loures Arte Pública Festival. Loures, Portugal.
Mural painting at Upfest. Bristol, England.

Live painting at the Paris Plage event. Paris, France.
Mural painting in L’Aerosol. Paris, France.
Artist Residency Project “Hotel 128”. Street Art City, Lurcy Levy, France.
Live paiting at the Europa Vox Festival. Clermont Ferrand, France.
Murals painting at the Latino Graff Festival. Toulouse, France.
Murals in the restaurant “El Gordo”. Lisbon, Portugal.
Mural Painting at the Guaicuhy Station Festival.
Mural painting at Parede Project – Sesc Palladium – Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Mural painting at Parede Project – Sesc Santos Dumont – Santos Dumont, Brazil.

Painting a wagon on the tourist train of the Vale Train Project.
Mural painting at Telas Urbanas Festival – Belo Horizonte.
Mural painting at Concreto Festival – Fortaleza-CE.
Mural painting in the Revitalization Project of the Historic Center in Ponte Nova – MG.
Mural painting in the Revitalization Project of the Historic Center in Ponte Nova – MG.
Live painting at Rock Generator – Ouro Preto.

Mural painting at the Center of Popular Art, CEMIG – Belo Horizonte.
Mural painting in the “Murs lliures” Project. Barcelona – Spain.

Speaker no Et Alia: Territories of Experience of Art – Museology UFOP – Ouro Preto
Speaker at the 5th Communication Week (Secom) – ICSA – UFOP.
Art Teacher at ARO Project – FAOP – Ouro Preto.